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Moogley Pin Board - Yuna Inspired Pre-order

Moogley Pin Board - Yuna Inspired Pre-order

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Moogle inspired handmade resin pin board! Specs here. Each pin board is a uniquely poured resin creation, so no two boards will be exactly alike. Size is 9.5x11", 3/4" thick. 

Pre-orders are now open for this Yuna board due to popular demand! Because these boards take a long time to produce and I can only make one at a time, please allow time for me to ship these out (each board takes about 1.5 weeks to allow drying time in between stages). Yours will be sent out in the order they are ordered. (That was a really weird sentence XD) 

5 boards will be available for this round of purchasing. 


Pin boards will come with hanging backing and nail. Apply pins against a flat surface (like on a table) to prevent any damage to backing. No pins have been stuck in the board before shipping, pins in photos have had the backings removed for the purpose of the photo. :) Please keep in mind that these are handmade and will have small imperfections. 

Moogle boards will be shipped in recycled boxes.