Current Slots:

1. Chibi Slot- Open!


*Slots will reopen upon completion of all slots


1. Contact me via email at with the subject line 'Commission'.
2. Attach any reference images if you have them to that message or email. Also let me know any details you want included in the drawing. Feel free to be as specific as you like, the more details the better! :)
3. I will let you know the total amount of the drawing, and will send you the payment information.
5. Once the full payment is received, work will begin on the sketch. I'll send you a sketch, if you like it, I will finish up the drawing.
6. After I finish up the commission, a high res image will be sent to you!

7. You can add on a custom charm for $25 USD each, for chibi commissions. If you ordered a charm, it will take about 1-2 months to be produced from completion of the artwork and mailed out to you. You will also need to provide me with a mailing address. Tracked shipping will be an additional $15 USD.



1. I may have to decline some requests, or request extra payment from you. I will only ask for extra for very complicated requests that require a good deal of detail. 
2. I will draw eroge/h images for an extra charge of $45.
3. I accept all payments by PayPal, payment upfront in full.
4. I will try to get your commission done as soon as possible, but I won't skimp on quality...I do have other responsibilities in life, so please be patient. If there are any complications/emergencies preventing me from finishing in a reasonable time frame, I will contact you. If this is not alright with you, I will provide a full refund.
5. I will only make requested changes in the sketch stage. Please be thorough with any details you want included before I begin the drawing.
6. You may use the images for personal use only. Any commercial use will be subject to an additional fee, which we will negotiate.
7. I will still retain rights to the image, and will be posting any commission work on my social media and site. If your image is a gift to someone or needs to be private until a certain date, please let me know and I will hold off on posting until then.
8. If need be, I reserve the right to cancel any current commission. You will of course receive a full refund.
9. If I do make a change to my prices, our original deal will always stand. I will not change the cost half-way through a commission, unless you make additional requests.

Some of my Past Commissions!