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JRPG Quotes Enamel Pins

JRPG Quotes Enamel Pins

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Hard enamel pin featuring quotes from various JRPGs! Specs below:

FFX-2 Yuna "I don't like your plan. It sucks." : 56 mm | Rose Gold Plating | Glitter | Screenprint

FFVII Aerith "I want to know you. The real you." : 56 mm | Gold Plating | Glitter | Screenprint

Xenosaga III KOS-MOS "Relinquish your pain unto me.": 64 mm | Silver Plating | Glitter | Screenprint

Legend of Dragoon Rose "Revenge generates nothing.": 70 mm | Black Nickel Plating | Stained Glass Wings | Screenprint

Trails in the Sky Estelle "Time for Ul-tra vi-o-lence." : 63 mm | Gold Plating | Pearl Swirl | Screenprint

Fire Emblem: Awakening Frederick "Pick a God and pray." : 62 mm | Gold Plating | Screenprint


Standard grade pins are the highest quality, while B-grades have minor imperfections. All pins are handmade items, so there may be slight variations between each one!

Pins are limited quantity, will not be restocked. Pins may have minor imperfections due to the handmade nature.


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